Octoberfest at A Joyful Noise!

Oh my Goodness! Oh my Goodness!!

This past month of October has been so much fun!! We had the opportunity to talk to our Mothers about Breast Cancer Awareness and happy for the survivors who fought to make it through!! If you are needing to be seen for an Annual Check Up, Please go….. for you and your family.
We all know that October is Fire Prevention as well! During that week, our students learned how what to do in case of a Fire! Our Pre-Schoolers learned to Stop! Drop! And Rooolllll! They also received a visit from our Fire Department and talked about the importance of being a Hometown Hero! 🔥
What is October without visiting the Pumpkin Farm!! 🤷🏾‍♀️ We had a blast during our Annual Visit to Apple Holler! We rode on the train, picked apples and pumpkins and LOVED our Puppet Show (we were Stars! 🌟 ).
We finished the month with Spirit Week leading up to our Annual Harvest Party & Parade of Costumes! It was fun to see the students wear their favorite Sports Team, what they wanted to be when they grew up for Career Day, we watched Mr. Marquis grow his hair in 1 day for Wacky Hair Day! We dressed in our Costumes for our Annual Harvest Party & Parade and ended it with Pajamas & Teddy Bears!
Special Thank You to all Families who participated! If you’ve forgotten, No worries…. we will have another Spirit Week soon! 🥰
November is now here and will be full of Love, Laughter and Thankfulness! What are you Thankful For? Comment Below ⤵️
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-God Bless

Annual Back 2 School Jam 2019

This year’s Back 2 School Jam was so WONDERFUL!!! This is a time where we sit back, allow our students to Dance, Jump, Eat ALL of their favorite concessions and LAUGH!!! This annual event is designed to encourage and inspire our youth to soar within their education. Our Parents are always grateful and we are delighted to help in anyway we can.

Statistics show that many students go without the proper school supplies needed in order to be successful in school. We have realized that what my come easy to others, may be difficult to obtain for some. As a result, we’ve gifted every school ager with a bookbag of their choice filled with school supplies just to make our Parent’s lives a little less hectic and to prepare our students for greatness!
Finally, we were excited to invite our Milwaukee Fire Department over to our event with the purpose of talking to our children about fire safety and inspiring them to become hometown hero’s for their own community!! You can be anything you want and at a Joyful Noise Childcare, we want to show our children living proof.
Special Thank You to all the Teachers who worked countless hours making sure our Back 2 School Jam was perfect, we’d also like to thank the Family Volunteers and Business Partnerships for always being there for Music, Decor, Book Give-A-Ways, Bounce Houses and MORE!!
Let’s continue to make our children’s world a better place to live.  #CommunityOverCompetition
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What do you look for when choosing a Childcare Center?

What do you look for when selecting a Daycare for your child? Is it the look? Feel? Name? Curriculum? Location? Activities? What is it that “Does It” for you?

Well, at A Joyful Noise Childcare, we pride ourselves for going over and beyond for our families. For the past 16 years, we have researched our children and found what’s best for them when teaching as well as supporting what makes them happy!
Although, we will not go into full detail about what we do on a daily basis (it would take up too much of your time 🥰), please understand that our parents are happy and can see that their   children have far exceeded their goals! We celebrate their advances by giving them praise and seeing the beauty within their growth. Nothing makes us happier than to see our children develop at a rapid rate and get ready for the next level according to their personal development and age.
When selecting a Childcare Center, we encourage you to check us out and see what we have to offer!
We know you have options, Thank You for choosing A Joyful Noise Childcare Center.
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