Visit to the Milwaukee Fire Department

This month is our annual Career Month! This is when we ask Professionals from our Community to visit us and discuss what happens within their career!

What a wonderful time we had during our trip to visit the Milwaukee Fire Department!! In the mist of our instructional time, we were able to review the Firemen’s Fire Truck as well as see inside of their home where they work, eat and live when they are away from their families. 


To end our visit, we helped a Firefighter get dressed in case of AN EMERGENCY!! Telling him what to put on 1st, 2nd and Last helped really place the uniform of our Community Hero!  The children thoroughly enjoyed their time and will remember this moment the next time there is an emergency.

Have you taken time to discuss the importance of Fire Safety with your children?  🔥 

When doing so, please explain to them how to Stop, Drop and Roll as well as NOT TO FEAR the heroes in uniform who are trained to help them.  Lastly, if you have not done so already, NOW is the time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!! 

A simple battery can save you and your children’s lives! -A Joyful Noise Childcare

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