Back to School Time: Annual Jam!!!


It’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME and our School Agers are ecstatic!!

We had such a fabulous time planned for them as they embark on another successful school year!! We believe it is important to keep our youth excited and motivated about attending school and WHY it is so important to our society today! They are our future!
During our Annual Back to School Jam we prepared the following for them:
▪️Bounce House for different age groups
▪️Fresh BBQ Food with Treats
▪️Hot Popcorn with Snow Cone Machines
▪️Fun Face Painter
▪️And even a LIVE DJ!!!
Oh my goodness!! The guys and girls also had a Talent Show including a Battle of the Guys vs Girls Dance off!! 🤣🤣🤣
As the judges votes came in…. the boys won fair and square! They all did well in our opinion; however, it’s fun to allow the children to compete within their own element.
As the day ended, we at A Joyful Noise Childcare gifted each school ager with a Bookbag filled with a Book and some school supplies they will need for their Journey this year…. we wished them all the best and encouraged them BE AUTHENTIC!! BE the Change they wish to see in the World!
Special Thank You to our Team for helping the Students to have a time of their lives. We know you were tired but you bit the bullet and did it all with a Smile. Thank You!!!
Check it out below ⤵️
Photos: Students & Staff of A Joyful Noise Childcare Center

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