Our Visit to the Ecology Center!!

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living things and their surroundings, or environment! We at a Joyful Noise Childcare believe it is important for our Pre-Schoolers to learn about this at an early age to see the amazing world around them.

Understanding different living things, how they live, what they sound like and why they are important to our environment is when discussing nature with them.
During our visit to the Milwaukee Urban Ecology Center, we engaged in the following;
🦋Caught Butterflies
🐝Saw Buzzing Bees Pollenating
🦗 Listen to Crickets
🐸 Saw Frogs leap
And even learned about Trees and Rocks that were atleast 1million years old!!!  Fascinating!!!
Needless to say, this was an experience our Youth enjoyed in hopes to one day becoming Ecologists during their adult lives…. you never know 😉
Check it out below⤵️
Photos: Students & Staff of A Joyful Noise Childcare

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