Our Annual Visit to the WECA Conference

Throwback Moments:

I would like to take the time to express how immensely proud I am of the ladies of A Joyful Noise Childcare!!! We had such an incredible time at the conference this past weekend and I especially enjoyed our time during our fellowship moments! 😜shhhhhhh

We where able to stay together and lean on one another when we needed eachother the MOST outside of Work and then RELAX. Thank You for that.

What do we say!!? RISE AND GRIND LADIES!!! We were so excited for our Classes!! With Subjects of:

Thinking BEYOND Books & Baby Dolls, Developing the Brian of the Young Child, Extended Technology and Implementing Great Classroom Behavior!!

Infant Environments


Going forward, I am so excited for what’s in store for A Joyful Noise! 🤗I’m happy about the information we were taught and the wiliness to learn you all expressed so that we can share it with our Students and Parents who depend on us on a daily basis.

The ladies who could not attend, we missed you but you are still apart of our Team and we love you as well!! Everyone of you has something special and I am honored to have you ALL on my team.

Keep Teaching our youth and Stay Fabulous 💋-Love, Mrs. Rachel

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